About Upmost

Upmost makes compiling and discovering recommendations through lists easy, fun, and sociable.

It’s time for thematic social

Just about everyone’s on Facebook. And Twitter. And TikTok. And Instagram.

And that’s fine.

But, with so much noise, broad social networking platforms make it difficult for people to stand out and connect with like-minded people.

We believe that when you join a community that fits your passion, perhaps for photography or for sharing recipes, you leave most of the distractions, negativity, and irrelevance behind and become the best online version of you.

That’s why we created Upmost – an almost unlimited number of vertical, or thematic, social networks – making it easier to bond with others, form new friendships, relationships, or even business partnerships.

We’re an open platform where people come together to find insightful and relevant recommendations from expert and undiscovered voices alike.

If you have a recommendation to make, an opinion to share, or a review to offer — welcome home.

Express yourself

Upmost is easy and free to share your recommendations on any topic, connect with an audience and express yourself.

Create recommendation lists

Upmost is where recommendations form - inspiring and enabling people to confidently explore, experience and to share what matters to them most.

Connect and Share with friends

Connect and share with friends and get opinions on your lists. Together, find, compile, discuss and refine the things that you collectively enjoy.

Learn new things

Discover and explore things that inspire you. Browse interesting lists, accounts, and subjects. Discover fresh content based on people you follow and posts you like.

Engage and interact

Create fact-based or opinion-based recommendations and encourage comments from your friends. Add photos and videos to your lists and bring them to life.

Rank and compare

Like, love and comment on lists. Rank content and encourage your friends to discuss the relative position helping you and them to discover more.